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Why use Business Headsets?

Communication is one of the vital aspects of businesses. Employees and everyone associated with companies and organizations spend a significant amount of time on phones. Unlike the conventional phone headsets, the majority of the businesses make use of jabra evolve business headsets, particularly the wireless models.

Transitioning to wireless headsets

Given the benefits of using modern wireless headsets, more and more businesses around the world are transitioning from traditional headsets to wireless business headsets for calls. This is mainly because using wireless headsets during business calls can render more freedom, more concentration, and more productivity as well.

When an office is full of employees wearing wireless headsets it gives the image of a busy call canter, a telemarketing office, an insurance company, and so on. The whole image of the office gets a positive outlook, which is a good aspect from the business perspective. Studies reveal that wearing modern business headsets during phone calls can enhance the productivity of employees by 40%. This is mainly because the user’s hands are free to execute other tasks. Apart from the physical benefits that headsets have to offer, the morale of the employees also improves.

Why should offices use headsets?

Employees who have to talk on the phone during business hours for a prolonged period can significantly benefit from using jabra evolve headsets. Presently, sectors like call centers, insurance agencies, telemarketing offices, stock brokerages, etc., consider headsets an important business tool. It is believed that soon headsets will become an indispensable part of a wide range of other industries.

In the next few years, the number of task workers, which refers to employees who need to communicate continuously with customers and colleagues will grow. Furthermore, the number of people working remotely and engaged in customer services require using business headsets more than anyone else. This one such segment of employees can benefit tremendously from using high-quality headsets for easy and efficient communication and interaction with customers and others regularly.

Eliminates body ache

Employees working in stressful environments often complain of body aches, particularly in the back and neck areas. Handling the phone set between the ear and shoulder results in poor posture. Over time, this leads several employees to suffer from severe back and neck pain. Using a wired computer headset compels individuals to sit straight for hours and take calls straining neck and shoulder areas. Thanks to the presence of wireless business headsets that improves productivity, and multitasking, and also keep the shoulders and neck relaxed.

Eliminates background noise

Using a headset with noise-cancellation technology is the best choice for business environments. The technology uses a high-end microphone that filters out the disturbing background noise. Even if the employee is in a noisy background and making a call, the person receiving it can hear everything without hassles. The use of the jabra evolve binaural headset covering both the ears is encouraged so that the distracting background noise is eliminated and the call is clear without any disturbance.

Thanks to the presence of active noise-cancellation headsets that can reduce or eliminate even low-frequency sounds. The microphones used can combat the noise captured, whether it is people talking, or the air conditioner humming close by. The user has full control over the amplifier going up and down based on personal choice.

Increase in productivity

When an employee is stuck with a phone set in one hand, his/her movement is restricted. Using a traditional phone set means one hand is always on the phone and the movement is also restricted by the length of the phone cord. When an employee utilizes the modern wireless business headset, he/she gets the freedom to use the computer, take notes, manage documents, and even move around the office space. All such activities can be done while on a call.

Furthermore, the user can leave his/her desk and move to other workstations and find files, or even consult other employees. Wearing a wireless business headset allows multitasking and also enhances efficiency. The presence of EHS cable allows employees to answer any calls while being away from their desks. The headset rings when there is an incoming call. This also means that the employees don’t have to spend time checking voicemails.

The current, advanced headsets feature dual Bluetooth connectivity simultaneously. The concept of working on the go is an essential aspect for several businesses. The right equipment and mobile technology help them to be at par with the competition. The advent of smartphones has made communication via business headsets even easier.

Better customer service offered

Customer-centric businesses have started realizing the use and benefits of incorporating wireless business headsets. It allows the employees to provide better services to customers and clients. When an employee is wearing a jabra evolve wireless headset, the microphone stays in the same position irrespective of head and neck movements. Henceforth, there is consistency in the voice quality and volume throughout the call.

 Moreover, the noise-cancellation technology also helps in rendering bettering customer service. Despite the noisy, disrupting environment, the employee is successful in delivering the service demanded by the customers. This is one of the reasons businesses around the world have considered investing in headsets.

Top-notch safety

Radio-frequency radiation exposure is a real thing when one uses a cell phone for long hours. Employees in call centers and similar sectors fear this impact the most, but thanks to headsets that can significantly reduce the radiation exposure. Using a Bluetooth headset is the most popular one as it generates the least amount of radiation while on a call. Thus, it won’t be wrong to mention that the use of modern, wireless business headsets can result in healthier and more productive employees. This results in better business and satisfied customers.


The advent of modern technology has made communication in business sectors seamless. But the problem of holding the phone with one hand and getting restricted with the movement is yet not solved completely. The presence of wireless headsets like jabra evolve is changing the whole dynamics of business communication.

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