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Choosing The Right Diamond Necklace for The Right Look

Normally, when people think of owning diamonds, they mostly think about diamond rings or bracelets. However, a diamond is one such thing that its single piece won’t suffice. To increase its look and appearance, one must be having multiple options. And, diamond necklaces are those statement pieces which are sure to turn heads. Necklaces always make a versatile jewelry piece and look explicably gorgeous when flaunted the right way. It can elevate the look of any dress you want to step in. But how to pick the right necklace for yourself? Should it be sleek or heavy? For all the answers, follow our guide below:

Know the quality of the diamonds used

Diamonds are precious natural stones. So, when you buy them, the priority must be to assess the quality you are investing in. Hence, it is recommended to buy your diamond jewelry from accredited jewelers who are known for their quality products. They will help you handpick the diamonds, and use them further in making the necklace. A certificate of assurance will also be needed in most cases.

Decide the diamond’s cut

The cut of the diamond is arguably one of the most important aspects to consider when you are going for a necklace. This will determine the entire look and feel of the final product. There are other factors too which must be brought under your consideration like the proportion, polish, brilliance and symmetry. There are multiple options like heart, oval, emerald, pear, cushion, round, radiant or princess to choose from.

Choose the type of necklace

The chain material used in the necklace also has an important role to play. Diamonds will look the best with gold or platinum. You can have the necklace’s chain designed intricately in any of the metals to elevate the look of your necklace. Both the metals will enhance the grace and brilliance of your attire.

Know the length of the necklace

Your personal choices will determine the length of the neckpiece. You can go ahead with a standard 16-24 inches. However, the length will vary depending on your traditional or ethnic designs. But to make your look come out bolder than ever, you can pick designs with larger diamonds and longer chains.

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