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Office gift baskets- How should they look?

Gift baskets are an absolute gift choice for your employees and coworkers. However, with so many people working around you, selecting a gift for everyone is tough. Also, knowing everyone’s gift preference is not possible, and you might spend a huge amount on gifts that your workmates might never use. But when you customize a gift hamper or a basket, you can add simple and small multiple items to create a wonderful and big gift for your employees. Here are some ideas of how can your Zero Waste office gift baskets look:

  1. Useful: When you plan to give a gift basket to any employee or coworker, ensure you add valuable items so that your workmate can use them. For instance, you can add sweet treats, dry fruits, cookies, and some other eatables, as you know that those will be utilized. But, if you add cosmetics, a personal choice of every individual, your gift basket item may go unutilized..
  1. Elegant: What you give someone shows them about your taste, and especially in your work environment, people may look up to you; therefore, giving something unique is a good option. Look for special gift items that your employees or coworkers can utilize. For instance, you can enhance your hamper’s beauty by selecting different packaging styles for other hampers.
  1. Customized: In your company, there are both female and male workmates, and you don’t want to give a standard gift basket to everyone as something that a man would like might not be suitable for a female employee. For instance, a male coworker can add a champagne bottle to the hamper or a shaving kit, but a female employee can add more chocolates, cookies, and perfume.
  1. Premium: Even when you are not spending enough on your gift baskets, it mustn’t look cheap to your workmates. So spend less but select the suitable options to create a beautiful and premium basket. Therefore, balance the pricing and quality for the best gift.

Irrespective of what you add to your gift basket, they are always the best option for any event or occasion. Gift baskets offer options to choose from and customize the best gift that reflects your persona. For example, you can use different packaging designs, colors, and basket styles to make it look more aesthetic. Another creative way to highlight the beauty of your gift basket is adding flowers, lights, and candles with a personalized card if you have something to write to the person.

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