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Kaufland Online Marketplace: Your dream E-commerce destination

With the rise of E-commerce sites like Amazon and eBay and the increase in demand for the same, the online world has become a marketplace. Using the right software for managing inventory and a fresh concept, retailers can benefit significantly, and expanding the business will be much easier. This is where the kaufland online marktplatz comes into play. With a target audience specifically interested in your business, the Marketplace increases your chances at a profitable sale by huge margins.

Getting E-commerce a notch higher

E-commerce sites see around 32 million visitors every month. Ambitious sellers consider this to be 32 million customers interested in their offers and hence the Marketplace is a very good choice for them. The site offers Kaufland retailer the right target group for every industry. Every Kaufland retailer gets the opportunity to showcase its products to numerous potential customers.

Where does kaufland come into play?

Whether fashion, accessories, or home appliances, if any seller wants a multi-channel spectrum of audience, an Online Shop is a good decision. With easy login and a dynamic Kaufland seller portal, is a lucrative option for retailers to sell their products. The online Marketplace has operators who point out the lowest prices during sales or on E-commerce day and avoid hidden costs. If the Kaufland retailer has any query or problem, especially during the login and the early days, the site offers 1st level customer support and solution. The VARIO8 in makes sales in online retail even easier. A Seller can use the 2-month test period for free to check the interface and then decide to continue to sell at Kaufland.

Benefitting the sellers and providers

Anyone who decides to sell their products on the Marketplace via the platform will get their Kaufland seller portal and interface. This will enable the seller to integrate deals and offers with just a few clicks. The automation will generate a process of sales in their respective categories. Focussing on software is not necessary as offers well over 70 interfaces to import and export data.

Following this, the products are then sold as usual. The system provides 5000 different product categories for the supplier to sort their products into, making the search much more convenient for the customer. Like Shopware, the purchase process and the payment is also hassle-free. The customer has access to over ten payment methods. The provider in the marketplace has a chance of efficient growth because of the fast processing and outsourcing of numerous processes.

The Cloud and software aiding the marketplace

The cloud used for this program,, and the Vario software are greatly compatible with each other and work perfectly together. The ERP system is also well integrated into the program making the inventory management within the software very efficient. Vario offers its interface for Kaufland’s platform. This enables the maintenance of the data, an automation of inventory comparison of the products, and offers seamless service for the import of the various orders. While the order is under process, the customers receive up-to-date feedback on the status stored in the Cloud ERP.

Why would you choose

At, we offer the opportunity to outsource the very popular and efficient Vario8 software for the online business to the Cloud. This saves our clients a lot of money when it comes to the purchase of necessary hardware. With effective cloud services, one can work uninterrupted for long hours and conduct their business 24×7 without any delay.

Due to cloud services, we also ensure that the Kaufland retailer is independent of their locations. The cloud service also lets any user be it a customer or a seller, access the data and the software from any device using proper credentials. The Data Management Systems or the DMS ensures that your data is properly stored and the inventory is managed efficiently.

Shift to the new age, shift to Kaufland

We at take security very seriously and use the latest technologies to protect the user’s data. We guarantee that the marketplace is always secure. We urge our users to try the 60-day test period to get a complete feel of the software and understand the advantages of VARIO8 along with the We ensure full client support and are more than happy to help you with hosting your business up and help you with the login on our platform. With the technologies used in our system, you could save a lot of time, work efficiently and significantly grow your business over time. Choose wisely, choose kaufland online marktplatz.

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