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How to Choose Hair Colour Based on Your Aesthetics

Hair colour is very strongly associated with our personalities, therefore we must understand how to choose hair colour wisely. Selecting an unsuitable shade might have unfavourable consequences. We can, for example, enhance undesirable traits of our faces by making them more prominent. We may also make our skin seem duller or add a few years to ourselves. It goes without saying that some aspects of our faces, such as the nose, should be highlighted or not. Similarly, hairstyles are just as vital as cosmetics when it comes to looking classy.

#Funfact There’s nothing like taking care of your body to keep depression at bay.

We may just wish to change our look, and changing our hair colour is one of the first things we can do. Since not everyone fully understands what colour best fits them, we’ve put up this guide to help you figure out howto choose hair colour based on many different factors making it a bit easy for you to decide.

To determine our skin type, we use the chromo-aesthetic approach.

The first step is to determine our skin tone, which can be done in a relatively straightforward manner. You’ll need two scarves or textiles, one orange and the other pink, both simple, to do this. This is referred to as chrome aesthetics. We must utilise each of the scarves or fabrics individually to do this method. The outcome is to start with one handkerchief, then the other, and eventually to analyse. What we need to do is compare how our skin looks with each of the scarves’ shades.

Does your skin appear to be brighter and more illuminated? Is it more lifeless, and dull? We may test it by employing these colours in a very basic and quick manner and selecting the option that we prefer.

When we use the pink cloth, our skin seems more radiant, which indicates that it is chilly. If the colour orange has been used, the skin type is warm. It’s critical to continue the process until you’re entirely satisfied with the skin-highlighting hue. If we have any doubts, we may always consult a number of individuals.

How to choose hair colour that complements the face the best

If you have fair complexion, choosing a hair colour that complements your features will be simple. The yellow and brown tones are the ones that prevail in this group of skins. As a result, the best hair colour is one that can reflect these tones. To accomplish so, we can use dark brown tones to obtain a pleasing outcome.

  • Colours like brown, mahogany, and aubergine are also good options to explore. Light brown is a good choice if you want to mirror youthful skin. Highlights or thoughts are an excellent choice.
  • Warm and reddish hair tones such as golden blonde, honey, or golden brown are best for fair, light complexion with golden overtones and blue or green eyes. Avoid ash and deeper tones, since they are unsuitable for this skin type.
  • Highlights can be used on the rosiest complexion with green or bluish-grey eyes to add additional subtleties to their appearance. Silver or ash blonde highlights, two shades above your tone to offer you additional light, are great for adding shine to dull hair or dark highlights.
  • Skin that is more tanned or has a golden yellow undertone might bring out the reddish or coppery undertones in your hair. The full range of browns is ideal, and if you would like to go blonde, avoid ash blonde and opt for a golden blonde instead. You should play with a variety of golds to provide freshness, brightness, and energy to your look instead of blonde highlights, which will seem quite fake.
  • Dark or deep blue, grey, or green eyes are common in cool, fair-skinned faces. Natural warm tones are common in black or medium brown hair, and varied bright colours may readily bring out the colour. Colours like mahogany or ash blonde highlights are appropriate. Light highlights will turn red and add years to your appearance if you opt to lighten your hair. Golden yellow tones should also be avoided since they detract from the skin’s radiance.

How to choose a hair colour that complements our eyes?

Another factor to consider while selecting a suitable hair colour is the colour of our eyes. As a result, we must adhere to a set of principles in order to choose the colour that best suits us. If your eyes are green, you may readily draw attention to them. Ash blonde is the most popular hair colour for those with cold skin. Brown hair tones are the most flattering for people with warm complexion. Much softer and sweeter qualities will be shown in this manner.

  • If you have dark brown or black eyes, you can select from a variety of tints. All of this is dependent on your skin type. If you have cool, light-toned skin, for example, the most suggested colours are deep browns or black. If you have a warm or darker complexion, any shade of brown is appropriate. The face will appear younger and with softer features in this manner.
  • There are a variety of really fascinating possibilities for persons with brown eyes. A platinum hair colour or blonde hair is one of the greatest options for cool skin in this instance. If you have a warm complexion, mahogany and chestnut are the finest colours to choose.
  • Finally, if you have blue eyes, there are several hues that you should pay attention to. If you have blue eyes and your skin is cool, a deep black hue is a perfect choice. Playing with toners to generate blue or iridescent blacks, generating stunning results, is one of the finest home cures. This will brighten the face and draw attention to the eyes.

Before dying your hair, consider these suggestions.

Hair nourishment is equally or more important to keep the hair colour intact and last long.

  • Dry and weak hair may cause issues when painting the hair, nourished hair will always present us with a more stunning hue. As a specialist, It is recommended that you apply a high-quality conditioner to ensure that your hair is well hydrated.
  • Another recommendation is to apply a nourishing oil or lotion to the hair the day before dyeing to strengthen it and prepare it for colouring. Washing your hair the same day as moisturising it is not recommended since it removes the natural oils that preserve the scalp.
  • You should also evaluate the texture of your hair before applying the colour. When compared to thin hair, thick hair absorbs colour more slowly, necessitating a longer exposure period.

#Protip: Nothing beats a nice meditation for deep relaxation and then going to the hairdresser knowing which hair colour would be ideal for us.

If you don’t want a drastic change, the most essential thing to remember when changing your hair colour is to choose a new natural tone that complements your present hue and adds new subtleties that are appropriate for the season. You can apply Godrej hair shampoo to your hairs because it’s ammonia free, contains the goodness of sikakai and amla and comes in three different instant hair colour shampoo.

Whether you’re a novice or have a lengthy history of colouring under your belt, learning to select hair dyes that complement your skin tone, hair, and eyes is crucial.

Despite common opinion that there are ranges that favour brown and others that prefer burgundy, these three factors are the ones that have a role in making the best decision on how to choose hair colour. It’s not enough to match your hair colour to your skin tone.

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