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Have a Ball this Summer with These Fun Pool Party Gifts

Summertime is fun time, and that means backyard barbeques, bonfires, and jumping in and out of the pool. Chances are good that whether you have a pool of your own or not, you’ll be attending a pool party during these hottest of months. And, since you’ll want to return the favor – in some way – why not show your appreciation with a fun pool party gift?

  • Floating Party Lights. Did someone say exotic vacation? Your host and all of their guests will feel this way when you show up with floating party lights with remote timer. Over a foot in diameter, the lights are LED glow balls that can also be used for hot tubs and even in the bath. They are waterproof (duh!) and are available in 16 different brilliant hues that make any pool party truly memorable.
  • Pool Baseball Cap. This ‘trucker’ hat for women is both cute and functional. It reads: Pool Hair, don’t care – and essentially summarizes the laid back attitude of anyone who loves lounging by the pool. A pair of flip flops is embroidered onto the hat as well. Your hostess can relax by the pool or run to the beach in her comfy, casual hat to keep the glaring sun out of her eyes.
  • Visa Gift Card. It’s quite possible you have no idea what your host or hostess needs to make their pool party complete, in which case, Visa gift cards makes the perfect and most thoughtful gift. They can use it to purchase nearly anything they want, and you can personalize it with a photo and text that expresses your heartfelt, summer vibe appreciation.
  • Pool Rules Sign. Made of laminated rustproof aluminum, the 14”x10” Pool Rules” sign will make it perfectly clear what is acceptable and what is not around the pool. No rough play, no diving in the shallow end, no running, no spitting or bodily fluids in pool are all rules that make everyone’s splash time more enjoyable.
  • UNO Splash. Everyone loves this classic card game. And now, the whole family can play it out by the pool or at the beach because UNO Splash is made of waterproof, durable plastic cards. It comes with a clip that keeps all the cards safely together and easily attaches to a backpack, beach bag or camping gear.
  • Giant Shootball Floating Game. Now everyone can play basketball while either outside or inside the pool! This toy is made of durable vinyl and makes regular basketball even more interesting with scoring options on the side compartments. Comes with a basketball, you can get into the spirit of competition or simply use it to float in the sun.
  • Ring Toss. Everyone knows how to play good old fashioned ring toss at carnivals and fairs, and now they can practice those skills in the pool. Everything is inflatable, from the toy itself to the rings that come with it which means it’s easy to store and carry. Helps keep everyone active!
  • Beach Towels. There’s definitely something to be said about bringing the gift of beach towels to a pool party – you know that they will always get used. There are so many designs to choose from including colored strips, flamingos, palm trees; it would be difficult to find a boring beach towel to bring along. A gift that will always be appreciated.
  • “Welcome to our ool” Pool Sign. If there was ever one universal rule established for pools everywhere, it would be to not relieve yourself in the pool. The actual sign reads: “Welcome to our ool…. Notice there is no “P” in it… Let’s keep it that way!” A humorous and functional reminder for all pool party participants.
  • Pool Bluetooth Speaker. Just like any other party, time in the pool with friends and family wouldn’t be complete without a little music! This waterproof floating speaker has a built-in mic, LED lights, and stereo sound. Simply hook it up to Bluetooth and stream your favorite hot hits. With this gift in tow, you’ll be the reason the party starts!
  • Zcaukya 12 Pack Inflatable Floating Drink Holders. Guests won’t need to worry about losing their drink on the side of the pool, or keeping it raised high above the water. These floating drink holders come in adorable shapes including a flamingo, donuts (with bites taken out), palm tree, rainbow, unicorn, and others.  Your host won’t be able to inflate them fast enough!

Surprise your hostess and be a pool party savior by showing up with an awesome and appropriate gift that will sure to be enjoyed right away.

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